I never imagined myself in the medical community and when I eventually found myself there, it took long to accept and then to adapt.

But today, medicine has taught me more about life, money, business, politics and success than any other modern literature has.

One of the biggest of such lessons is the lesson of a “single” difference. It is profound and what you’re about to learn is deep and worth the read. The lesson in it, returned to a syrup company an annual profit of $38 Billion in 2017 alone. It created the Dangote in Africa and it is about to bring out something amazing in you.

Several times we put a lot of efforts to cause a profound change in our lives, we do so many things, read so many books and visit so many places, yet, the change we seek continue to elude us.

This was my case until I learnt about “the single thing that can change everything.” I saw this secret demonstrated in the human body, the casing we all wear around daily and the clothe that characterize us as either males or females.

The human body is simply a set of 23 pairs of structures called chromosomes. Each of the chromosome pairs is inherited from either of our parents, such that our mothers contribute 23 chromosomes and our fathers same, making it up to 46 chromosomes (or simply, 23 pairs of chromosomes).

The male and the female share exactly the same structure in 22 of these chromosome pairs such that the only difference is in the 23rd pair, where males have a pair for chromosome represented as XY and females have a pair represented as XX.

This singular difference in the 23rd pair is what makes all the difference in our entire identity today. This singular difference makes an entire 22 pair null and void as it regards our identity and propensity in life. It goes to affect how the rest of the 22 pairs manifest.

This has become a big lesson which big corporations have established their entire work and net-worth on, and chief subject on our examination table today is the COCA-COLA Company.

With a litany of products ranging from Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, Minute Maid, Ciel, Powerade, Fresca, Eva e.t.c., COCA-COLA would have a daunting task of promoting and marketing all these product but they don’t (at least not in the way, we would have expected them to), they have mastered the art of telling the world just one major story – the story of their king product, “Coke.”

Over 60% of their advertisements and branding budget is on the Coke product. On this very “weird” marketing approach, Sprite has leveraged to become today, the world’s No 3 soft drink, with Fanta and several other COCO-COLA products up in the rank also.

I bet you don’t remember the last time you saw an advert on Fanta on your television, or perhaps that of Sprite. This is so because COCA-COLA has been able to understand that when you discover the single thing that makes all the difference, you can focus on it and the world will buy anything else you have to sell.

…and today, the COCA-COLA Company is still just a syrup company, selling it’s syrup to franchised bottling companies in over 150 countries of the world and made in profits $38 Billion in 2017 alone.

As a matter of fact, in the 1970’s three “things” where said to be most popular on earth, No.1 Jesus Christ, No.2 Michael Jackson, No.3 Coke, and with the demise of the No.2, Coke is even higher up the ladder.

#Line of thought…
For christians you would have come across Paul’s recommendation on “this one thing I do…” and Jesus’ reply to Martha, “You’re careful about many things, but this one thing matters…”

Lesson 1:
In Africa, our business corporations must learn to be “super masters” of one thing. When we excel in that, anything else we offer, the world will buy.

Lesson 2:
Our proficiency is diluted when our energy is scattered and it is very easy to loose focus. And when we manage to excel, we become mediocre and stifle in the face of any aggressive competition or opposition, reasons for which no business, organization or corporation of Africa and African origin has lasted more than 60 years till date.

Lesson 3:
Everyone of us must take the discipline to determine our “one thing that will make all the difference,” and stick to it – and the fastest way to figuring it out include; mentorship, “compute-visualization,” e.t.c but most importantly, starting early to try out a lot of things till we find out “that one thing.”

Lesson 4:
If you’re like me, you admire a lot, the good sides in others. As amazing a virtue it is, it occasionally creates lack on confidence in the little gift(s) that you have. You have to learn and need to say to yourself, “I don’t need a lot of talent, I just need one that I can focus on, till the world come focusing on me!!”


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