Whatever our goal is in life, the extent to which we master the art of leadership, will determine the expanse our results and achievements.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, a manager in an organization, a pastor or even a college undergraduate, your ability to influence people will determine the volume and quality of result you enjoy.


You will need your opinion to count on relevant matters, you will need people and other resources to  willingly and consistently gravitate towards your visions, you will need to be able to move your life and the lives of the people connected to you, a phase higher by each passing year.


Nothing else can guarantees these, except intelligent leadership.



In this online Certificate Leadership Course, you will re-learn leadership and become directed on what matters most in getting things done.


The course comes in 2 phases


6 Weeks on Basic Leadership Development Courses.

6 Weeks on Leadership Master Class Courses.



Course Outline will be forwarded to your email with recommendations and links for free materials to download.


Each week, participants join a video training session with Otubo Victor on a closed Facebook group. PDF documents on any concluded course work, will be forwarded to participant's emails for further readings. Weekly tasks will always accompany every concluded session. All questions will be featured on the closed Facebook group, this is to enable other participants to contribute and also learn from the joint answers. However, personal questions and concerns would be received and attended to privately. These questions will be sent through the "Send Message" button on the our Facebook page and be attended to privately by Otubo Victor.



Besides the benefits of knowledge and improved competence which this course delivers, all participants will be able to connect and network with leaders from across the world.


Also, our fellowship program guarantees lifetime benefits to all fellows on the OVO Leadership Network.


The OVO Online Certificate Leadership Course is one of the Bestselling online leadership course in Africa and our certification from the STAND Organization (States And Nations Development) stands to be a booster to our participant's CV.



12 Weeks of Basic and Master Class: $50

6 Weeks Basic Leadership: $30

6 Weeks Master Class: $30




To enroll, simply click on the registration button below. Fill all required details and submit. Our administrative team will review your application and you will receive feedback through your email (and other submitted contacts, where necessary) within 24 hours, except on weekends.

With leadership, anything is possible!