Late in 2017, I was contacted by the HR department of an organization, to hold a weekend training session for some of their managers.

The organization needed these managers to step-up the company’s “activities.” New service and product innovations, new marketing strategies and better customer service approaches were required. They needed leaders out of these managers.

The first thing I would usually do, is to figure out if my audience had the ingenuity to proffer what I’m being asked to train them in. Otherwise, I would have just held another un-televised talk show. Something that could be damaging to my resume.

I would immediately use my personally developed Core-Balanced-Core (CBC) Technology concept to access them individually to ascertain their leadership management ratio (L:M).

All of the managers scored between 50:50 to 65:36 in the CBC Tech test. They were all within the range of what I call “balanced-leaders.” A place, excellent enough for the role they were all employed to fill. They only needed the nudge to function at their primes!

Since I was presented with the right people, I began immediately to nudge at them.

From my personal experience, you would rarely need to teach leaders what to do. Often, all you will have to do, is to challenge them with the possibilities they are yet to explore.

And this was exactly what I did. Two months later, this branch of the organization had become the invention hub for their mother company.

So, what was it that I taught these leaders? Simple:

Only #MAD People, Can #Make #A #Difference.

Because we now live in an entitled generation we find ourselves grossly taking a lot of things for granted. We just turn on the switch and the lights come on. In some places, a word command or merely walking into a room, gets the entire place lightened. On approaching most doors, they open and greet us, with some even dusting us with some flowers or fragrance.

We get the ignitions started and zoom off every morning. Instead of spending hundreds of hours, copying and re-copying one document, we simply throw it into a machine and order 1000 copies. And sometimes when we are to pay for these products or services, we don’t hesitate to complain about cost.

Rarely do we take time to evaluate the magnitude of ease, these facilities we enjoy, provide us.

Imagine life without the #MAD men and women who strove to #make #a #difference in their time. From stopping the killing of twins in Africa to the development of the internet.

Imagine life without Guglielmo Marconi who Napoleon Hill reported that his friends had him compelled to a psychiatric home in the 1890s for informing them that he had just made headway with wireless voice transmission.

It was that “psychiatric” patient alongside his madness, that led to discoveries upon which all real-time communications are possible in our today’s world. Radios, televisions, telecommunications, satellites e.t.c.

Just last night I was interacting with a relative in the U.S. whose wife’s birthday is today and she is in Nigeria, serving the country’s NYSC program. We were plotting on how to surprise the wife and we were discussing over a video call! It was so clear that it could pass for a HD transmission.

Imagine if we required wires from Africa to the U.S. to have had that conversation or that perhaps we depended on the post office. Imagine if we required wires from Africa to Asia or Europe in other to effectively communicate and do businesses together. It was a mad man who saved us from the whole mess we would have been in.

It is this madness that defines great leadership. The quest to push possibilities to their very limits.

At the end of my training, I had given these “mangers” no single idea on what they could do to achieve the results required of them. And I don’t think anyone else could have. That weekend, they went home after the first day and by the second day, we had a problem of EXCESS ideas and solutions.

But by challenging them to stretch the boundaries, they all became extremely productive. They excelled and I got paid.

So, the next time someone calls you “MAD.” Be careful not to react, perhaps you’re for the first time acting the most appropriate way and about to Make A Difference.

The End.