Everything we see and use today, was first an idea; the cars, the buildings, the paintings, the musics and even our lives as human beings - all were ideas!

Even the things we're yet to see, the melodies we're yet to listen to and the technologies we're yet to experience are currently ideas in some people's minds -probably yours!- somewhere around the world.

It's all about ideas!

I made a recent post on my page on Facebook and I spoke of how only MAD people seem to have changed our world and made life more appealing. These people have all Made A Difference (MAD!) by simply believing and acting on the ideas that visited their minds.

We will loose count even before we start, but before they all became amazingly amazing, they were all simple people like you and I, acting on very simple ideas, like having an online bookstore or helping friends remain connected no matter where they go. Simple people, with simple ideas, believing and acting and changing our worlds.

This ebook contain excerpts from the fascinating trainings I continue to give in my events. I have converted the presentation slides into a simple document with thought provoking lines of statements.

I believe you have our next miracle, and this free book is my way is reminding you, that we are all waiting for you to show us!

You could always contact us here or through Facebook for further clarifications on how to get started with that your idea!