How do nations go from poor to great?

What are the empirical factors that keep them from sustained growth and development?

How can economies in Africa and other developing nations eliminate or ameliorate these "growth-limiting-factors" and position themselves to become major players at the world fronts?

These are the questions I have decided to make my lifetime course of work.

So in March, 2016 I began a research with my team. Our aim was to distill the principles and approaches engaged by some previously categorized "3rd World" nations who in less than 50 years have today become developed nations.

I also extended the search to cover the principles that built the great economies of the 19th centuries and how they have remained relevant till today. We called this research Statecraft: How economies become great.

What we discovered so far is as thrilling as it is revealing and has continued to include the roles of the both private and public sectors.

With Statecraft I have continued to dedicate time working with individuals, private organizations and governments on structuring for sustainable and continuous growth. I have also delivered Statecraft lectures and trainings focused on leadership, economic, education and technology development to varying audiences in both private and public sectors.

My goal with Statecraft is to produce an irrefutable manual on nation building and offer to leaders and individuals across developing nations a complete template to work with and see "progress" in their nations and not mere "change."

I have received advice and contributions on my work over these years, from people across the world and further insights will be will be heartily appreciated and welcomed. You can always contact us here or through my personal Facebook page, just search "@otubovictor."