The fastest way to achieve a life of struggle, emptiness and un-fulfillment is building your life on a path which you're not fully cut out for.

And it wouldn't have mattered "so much" if it ended with you but I doesn't, it creates a void in humanity and keeps all of us yearning for something we cannot explain.

Here in Africa, it all starts with post secondary education and the deception that studying a "professional course" is a guarantee to a life of comfort. Many minds that could have turned our nations around though alive today, are dead on this path of un-discovery.

Bill Gates could have thrived if he went on to study law at Harvard, but how lucky we are, the entire plot failed. Polio and malaria could have ravaged entire communities and even nations in Africa. Same goes for all the wonderful people we see across the world today. Them, finding the right paths for their lives, have made all of our lives entirely better.

Having interacted personally with nearly 1000 young people and spoken to a far larger number, I discovered a common struggle - an endless search for purpose and right career path.

I began investing time and resources distilling answers to their questions and as with my culture, I carried out a little research which led me to a conclusion to focus two training courses for senior secondary students and another two courses for university undergraduate and the newly graduated.

These trainings which focuses on career-guidance and counseling helps participants identify their strengths and unique advantages enabling them to decide on what academic and career paths to venture into.

From the inception of PATHFINDER in 2013, we have conducted this training completely free in public and private schools, in churches and also in conferences both as guests and as hosts.

To host the PATHFINDER training in your school, church, conferences or any other audience you can always use the contact button below.

Remember it is free and will forever be free.