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After the Second World War, the U.S. government took captive of the Nazi scientists. Most were men.

These men had been honed by Adolf Hitler to producing mind boggling technologies that kept the world in awe. His strategy was simple; shoot one person and the rest become more creative and resourceful. When that becomes less effective, shoot one’s child or spouse or parent and the rest become geniuses. It worked perfectly every time.

These men, after the WWII, were freed from Hitler to become subjects to the U.S. government. That was their only condition for pardon. They accepted. All accepted.

The CIA had these men research into the science of mind control and manipulation. It was to be both psychological and physiological in approach.

They reached some discoveries that electromagnetic impulses transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 Hz had significant physiological effect on the human skin.

Further research confirmed it could also be transmitted through the retina to cause permanent changes in the brain and the entire neural network.

In simpler terms, they figured that through imaging techniques via monitors (television, computers, phones) informations can be suggested to the nervous system till individuals give up their willingness to have the opinions of their own. This is simple psychology; repetitive suggestion.

It is both psychological and physiological. The effects are not just in the thinking mind but also in the biological mind.

When this was used successfully in selling to the world the American greatness, the next that followed was the need to spy every facility on the earth planet. An ambition that climaxed with the advent of the smart televisions. These monitors have special sensors which some conspiracy theorists claim monitors the activities of anywhere it is set up (research for yourself).

All these “repetitive suggestions” explains to you how our world has come to accept the following as normal today;

• Drugs and blacks as synonymous
• Nudity as fashion
• The American supremacy
• The Africans and backwardness
• Pornography
• Baby mamas
• Single parenting as norm
• Extreme feminism
• Beastiality*
• Fornication as normal part of adulthood
• Infidelity as norm in marriages
• Incest (as promoted in Game of Thrones)
• Same sex marriage
• e.t.c.

Whereas most of these were not the intended action of the U.S. government, it is nonetheless our today’s realities. Once held in our minds for long, they begin to play out in our lives.

The images in motion pictures (i.e., videos) are electromagnetic waves impulses and are transmitted at such 2.4 Hz frequencies (may need update and concept verification).

The media; movies, music videos, news, etc are tools used to transmit these thought patterns in our minds and physiological changes in our bodies and brains.

When the U.S. claimed to have sent a man to the moon and heralded it all over the world, it was all an intended “showmanship” to send a message to the USSR and the entire communist states, according to some conspiracy theorists.

Some research evidence today reveals that no man has ever or can ever (with our current level of science) land on the moon (research yourself, I have and the “conspiracy theory” is nearly true based on some NASA comments in recent years). The U.S. government continues this use of mind control to sell anything to the world.


Because the “media repetitive suggestions tools” are great recourses available to us today. One that spells wonders to us, as we can now “manipulate” our minds towards greatness.

By selling to ourselves the ideas we want to have as our realities, we can today, become anything we want to be, faster than in any other time in human history.

You can choose what to see on your monitors and what your kids see on monitors.

You can manipulate your mind to a point that it looses the ability to think impossibilities and failures, deceiving yourself to into success.

All these by simply choosing what you watch…

• Your phone wallpaper

• Your phone screensaver

• Men who built America (this one occurred, so don’t fear another U.S. manipulation)

• Documentaries on successful people (business, politics, activists, artists etc)

• Movies on great inventors

• Documentaries on great inventions

• Three Idiots

• Like stars on earth

• Enders Game

• e.t.c

This is science and it is like a two edged sword. You can use it to your own goodly profit and in raising wonder kids.


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Read about the mind control patent here
https://patents.google dot com /patent/US6506148


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