In business, there is an analogy about the Red Sea and the Blue Sea. Of course it's not about a sea swallowing up Pharaoh'a army!

The Red Sea paints a picture of an ocean with limited resources and the preying sharks fighting and injuring each other over these limited resources. The outcome is a bloodbath with a typical survival of the fittest scenario.

The Blue Sea on the hand, is a clean water body with abundant resources and very few sharks separated by miles of distance. Everyone has enough to thrive on. No fights and no struggle to survive.

Having these two settings, even the Sage of Omaha would avoid the ruthless competition and go for the Blue Sea. It is the industry we would all want, to go in and build our fortunes. But then comes the sad news! The Blue Seas have all gone red!

Every industry you may want to venture into is filled to the very overflow. Competition is severe and the winner takes it all. Everyone is bent on benchmarking to survive.

Whereas everyone discusses "how do we create something better than company A or company B," the typical benchmarking, it has proven to being a disaster and a terrible waste of rare resources.

How then can entrepreneurs survive? How can start-ups join the competition, scale up, survive and begin to thrive?

These are the questions many entrepreneurs have asked me repeatedly over the years. At first, I thought I had the answers until I tested my ideas in my own businesses and made heavy losses!

It was humbling as it was humiliating, but it was an experience that led me to research and meetings with very successful people in different industries and today I've both found and put the keys together, for literary anyone to turn any Red Sea into a Blue Sea!

I conduct this training in several of my meetings and the results have been phenomenal. Many of my students have figured their way out of obscurity and are building relevance in diverse sectors and industries.

I've summarized these training presentation into a simple and readable digest. Though it's not entirely complete and capturing all I usually train in my live events, it will give you an idea into the "hows".

You could always contact us here or through Facebook for further clarifications on how to get started and create that unique category in your industry and begin your sail!