A Tribute
18/08/18 and The World Just Got Darker

Born on the 8th to die at 80.

A name, mighty without a title, Kofi. Born a child in 1938, died a light 2018.

Everything about you spoke and continues to speak the number “8. And when you were to be born on a “4th” month eighty years ago, it was only a fraction of what you stood to represent when allowed to multiply and you indeed, multiplied in all of us.

How glad we are to have received and believed you at No. 4 (a child and insignificant) and now fully mature and gone, you have lit our world with everything “8”.

“8”, the Hebrew/Jewish/Bible number for New Beginning, Advancement and the “Next Phase”. A number that tells us never to rest even when we have come to what could be considered “perfection” (as reflected by the number 7).

Maybe that was why LIFE place you as the 7th Secretary General of the World’s United Nations. You shined the light, so bright and raised the banner for all of us, not to admire but to to build on.

Today, 18/08/18, you again tell AFRICA and the world at large, a great story. By your death you have said to all of us especially Africa;

Begin new things/Advance Mother Africa/Go for the Next Phase. Indeed, 18/08/18!

We heard you sir, loud and clear! And though your light is irreplaceable, we will do greater works, because you have laid a solid foundation and we will build AFRICA (and the world), the next phase legacy.

And in Mr. Strive Masiyiwa’s words, you’re indeed henceforth;

# The world’s peacemaker from Africa

The End