Otubo Victor Ogemdi (OVO), is a Statecraft leadership expert, a professional speaker and trainer. He is the founder of STAND (State And Nations Development) Consult, an organization focused on providing training and logistical support to individuals, organizations and governments across Africa, enabling them solve economic development problems especially in the areas management, leadership, technology, and education.


OVO is a master strategist and change management expert with nearly a decade of experience. He has helped individuals and organizations, solve growth problems encountered while building or expanding profitable businesses in today's competitive market place and private sector space.


He is a prime time radio host and his programs are aired across eastern part of Nigeria. His books on Leadership and entrepreneurship are undergoing reviews for publication. He hosts one of the best-selling online leadership certificate course in Africa, reaching over 13 countries.


In March 2016, OVO began the Statecraft research with his team on "How some previously categorized 3rd world nations have become 1st worlds in less than 5 decades." The research also boarders on "How the great economies of the 19th centuries were built and how they have remained relevant till date." Ongoing findings from this research contributes massively to the Statecraft training and lectures he has continued to deliver to varying audiences in the private and public sectors.


OVO emphasizes the need to capture the African child's mind early, something he holds to being among the major defining moments of his life, with the visit of Dr. Ken Katas to his secondary school about 20 years ago. For this reason and more, he initiated the Pathfinder project in 2013, visiting secondary schools in circuits across Nigeria, hosting a completely free academic-career guidance and counseling for students, parents and teachers. Pathfinder has reached out to thousands of teenagers across Nigeria.


He is currently growing a strong social media community to connect with passionate leaders from around the world. He also shares free contents of immense value on personal success on these platforms. Connect with OVO today.

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    Whatever our goal is in life, the extent to which we master the art of leadership, will determine the expanse our results and achievements.

    Whether you're an entrepreneur, a manager in an organization, a pastor or even a college undergraduate, your ability to influence people will determine the volume and quality of result you enjoy.


    How do nations go from poor to great?

    What are the empirical factors that keep them from sustained growth and development?

    How can economies in Africa and other developing nations eliminate or ameliorate these "growth-limiting-factors" and position themselves to become major players at the world fronts?


    Every month, I host a condensed leadership and business bootcamp where I help leaders and entrepreneurs solve practical problems limiting their progress.

    I help them structure for growth, teach them to sell faster, improve their personal effectiveness and employee performance, strategize for increased productivity and show them how to minimize waste.



    The fastest way to achieve a life of struggle, emptiness and un-fulfillment is building your life on a path which you're not fully cut out for.

    And it wouldn't have mattered "so much" if it ended with you but I doesn't, it creates a void in humanity and keeps all of us yearning for something we cannot explain.



    by Otubo Victor


    Everything we see and use today, was first an idea; the cars, the buildings, the paintings, the musics and even our lives as human beings - all were ideas!

    Even the things we're yet to see, the melodies we're yet to listen to and the technologies we're yet to experience are currently ideas in some people's minds -probably yours!- somewhere around the world.

    It's all about ideas!


    In business, there is an analogy about the Red Sea and the Blue Sea. Of course it's not about a sea swallowing up Pharaoh'a army!

    The Red Sea paints a picture of an ocean with limited resources and the preying sharks fighting and injuring each other over these limited resources. The outcome is a bloodbath with a typical survival of the fittest scenario.



    Everyday we close deals! We sell our minds, our views and our opinions. We sell this first to ourselves and then to people around us.

    As a matter of fact, our decisions to live yet another day is simply because we succeed daily to sell to ourselves the idea not to quit life!

    So, everyone sells! A truth you will need to seriously embrace.